For some of us, the idea of a holiday doesn’t just summon up thoughts of relaxation, but the spirit of adventure. Of setting out to discover a destination unlike any other, making memories that will last for the rest of your life.

Here at Aurora Expeditions, we specialise in adventure travel to some of the world’s most incredible locations, one being Norway and the Arctic Circle. Crowning the top of the European continent, Norway is home to incredible wildlife as well as breathtaking scenery. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy Norway on your next trip.

Immerse yourself in Norway’s past

This wonderful land has a rich history stretching back 10,000 years to when the first settlers were thought to have arrived. In the centuries that came, the Nøstvet-Økser people from the Bronze Age were followed by one of the most intimidating forces in European history; the Vikings.

Their influence lasted from circa 800-1030 AD, a period during which the Vikings developed a massive seafaring presence, leading conquests around Europe. Norway’s warring Viking tribes were finally united by Harald Hårfagre in 872, after one of the only civil wars fought out at sea.


Visit Norway’s distinctive fishing towns

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Norway’s maritime heritage is still very much alive today in its fishing towns. With Aurora Expeditions, you can visit the charming Sør Gjaeslingan, a colourful fishing town to the north of Foldafjord. Only accessible by boat, this town was once home to thousands of fisherman, but today it welcomes visitors to discover this magical slice of Norwegian heritage.

Sample some local cuisine

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Perhaps one of the best parts of visiting a new country is trying some of the local cuisine. As you might have guessed, Norway is rather fond of seafood, with salmon in particular forming a base to many local dishes.

Try a bit of smoked salmon, or røkt laks while you’re here, or perhaps some Norwegian shrimp, reker. If you’re not a big seafood fan, maybe you’ll like Norway’s pinnekjøtt, dried and salted meat, or a hearty fårikål stew.

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Marvel at all the fjords


Norway’s fjords are the stuff of legend. Scattered across the mainland and the Svalbard archipelago, these tranquil inlets give way to breathtaking scenery. There are an estimated over 1,000 fjords in Norway, but you can start crossing a few off your list on our Across the Arctic Circle voyage. To find out more, check out our ode to Norway’s fjords in our blog post here.

Spy the Norwegian wildlife


Norway is home to a range of wonderful wildlife, from the furry Svalbard reindeer, all the way to foxes, wolves and bears. Also found in Norway is the Musk Ox, a shaggy haired creature usually seen in Greenland.

For birders, Norway also has a few cards up its sleeves such as the adorable puffin, as well as the white-tailed sea eagle, Europe’s largest eagle.

If you needed any more inspiration to book your visit to Norway, we’ve got six more reasons to cross the Arctic Circle, as well as our fantastic voyage logs with experiences from past passengers.


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