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Missed our previous sessions? Watch them below

Information session – Greenland

Watch a recording of our online information session on Greenland where local Greenland specialist, Bettina Ovgaard talks about Greenlandic traditions, culture, everyday life, and the country’s spectacular glacial landscapes and wildlife.

Information session – Patagonia

Watch our online information session on Patagonia below and be inspired by our special guest speaker and expedition guide, Lelia Cataldi who lives and breathes Patagonia. Lelia will be sharing her passion in guiding travellers through the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia; educating them about the benefits of expedition cruising and land-based trekking, as well as sharing her extensive knowledge, experience, and stories of astonishing wildlife encounters.

Information session – Antarctica

Watch a recording of our online information session on Antarctica below with special guest speaker, Dr Roger Kirkwood. As a marine biologist, Roger has been involved in a number of projects from spending a year living beside an emperor penguin colony in Antarctica to publishing over 100 research articles and four books! Roger’s extensive knowledge and passion for wildlife is contagious and he is always keen to share his experiences with everyone he meets.

Information session – Scotland & Ireland

Watch a recording of our online information session on a fascinating overview of the remote and intrepid parts of Scotland & Ireland with special guests: historian, Carol Knott, and our resident Ireland expert, Martha Behan.

Information session – Arctic & Global Expeditions in 2022

Watch a recording of our online information session to hear about our exhilarating new Arctic and Global Program from our destination expert, Mark Lee, who has developed these exciting itineraries.