Our newly expanded schedule showcases a variety of unique Expedition and Discovery voyages, along with Trekking adventures and special guests who will deliver the natural wonders of the polar regions and beyond. So now it’s even easier to choose the way you want to adventure with Aurora Expeditions.

For more than 33 years, our expert Expedition Teams have been sharing their knowledge and understanding of some of the most remote and unspoiled destinations in Antarctica, the Arctic and beyond. We follow the experience, not the itinerary, so our purpose-built small ships, Zodiacs and immersive activities can take you to undiscovered areas. Because if you want to see something you’ve never seen, you have to go somewhere you’ve never been.

Expeditions are never predictable. Every voyage is different, guided by weather conditions, tides, ice and our team’s deep local knowledge. Your Expedition Team will choose the best plan for each day, seeking the optimal experience for everyone on board. Being flexible yields incredible rewards. It enables us to stop to observe a wildlife display, watch a breathtaking glacier calving or stay longer in a destination to allow you a moment of true solitude.

We can chase the sun, changing course when there is a polar bear sighting, landing on remote beaches to visit a penguin colony or taking advantage of clear skies to summit a mountain for unbeatable photography opportunities. Your Expedition Team will be by your side the whole time, enriching your experience with fascinating presentations and insights into the remarkable places you visit.

Expedition cruising brings together those with a curiosity about the world around them, a keen sense of adventure, and a desire to immerse themselves in the natural environment. We encourage expeditioners to make the most of every opportunity to nurture your inner adventurer. To enhance your time in the wild and remote destinations we visit, you can also choose from a range of add-on activities, including sea kayaking, snorkelling and diving.

Expeditions in Antarctica

Expeditions in the Arctic & Beyond

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