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Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure? Discover the wonders of the polar regions with Aurora Expeditions, where every journey is a thrilling exploration into the heart of nature’s grandeur. Unveil the magic of Antarctica, the Arctic and Beyond while enjoying exclusive special offers that make your small ship expedition even more unforgettable.

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Last Chance to Dream & Discover Antarctica

Embark on an Epic Adventure This Season with USD $2,000 Air Credit!

Final call for adventurers wanting to unleash their inner explorer in Antarctica this season! Embrace your spirit of adventure on a classic expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula, or go where few have gone before as you cross the Antarctic Circle and attempt to venture east into the ice-choked Weddell Sea. Visit the enigmatic Subantarctic Islands – the Falklands~Malvinas, with its fascinating history and spectacular birdlife, and South Georgia, where you will feel dwarfed by the world’s largest king penguin colonies.

Book now to unlock added extras, including air credit of USD $2,000 per person* and up to 10% off* selected 2024 Antarctic expeditions – simply quote DREAM24. 

2024-25 Bucket List Antarctic Adventures

Embark on a Wild Adventure in 2024-25 with up to 20% off*!

Our 2024-25 Antarctic season invites you to tick the fabled white continent off your bucket list. With 25 departures, including multiple fly and sail options, this season offers more ways than ever to  explore Antarctica. 

Dive into our new itineraries, which celebrate the spirit of polar exploration and adventure. Retrace the steps of legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew, or follow in Darwin’s footsteps as you chart the Chilean Fjords. 

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2024 Bucket List Arctic Adventures

Embark on a Wild Adventure in 2024 with Air Credit & up to 15% off*!

Uncover the Arctic’s mysteries with Aurora Expeditions in 2024. Our 2024 Arctic season inspires travellers to tick some of the wildest and most remote destinations on Earth off their travel bucket list. From navigating the hidden passageways of the Northwest Passage to an exhilarating search for the breathtaking Northern Lights, we take our explorations of the Arctic to a new level.

Whether you cruise the incomparable glaciers of Greenland, visit Svalbard for its captivating geology or explore the endlessly beguiling volcanic island of Iceland, the Arctic offers unparalleled encounters with the natural world at its most rugged and untamed.

Book now and unlock added extras, including up to $2,200 air credit* and up to 15%* off selected 2024 sailings for a limited time – simply quote BUCKETLIST24. 

New 2025 Arctic & Beyond Season

Glacier waterfall in Svalbard

Adventure to the World’s Wild Places with up to 25% off*

Whether you seek the thrill of a short escapade or a truly immersive exploration, we have curated the perfect mix for every adventurer in our new season.

Our brand-new Arctic & Beyond 2025 season unveils a world of wonders across 18 unique itineraries, including four new itineraries, immersive Svalbard and Greenland programs and new Ultimate Adventures. Discover cascading waterfalls, breathtaking fjords and sheer bird cliffs as you cruise, Zodiac or hike through the stunning vistas of Greenland, Svalbard, Scotland and more.

Reserve your place early for the best fares and availability, and to take advantage of Early Bird rates of up to 25% off* eligible itineraries across the new season.

Want More Inspiration?

If you need help finding your dream destination and itinerary, download our 2024 Bucket List e-book, which features our picks of the top 10 wildest experiences for 2024. 

Explore our Top 10 Wildest Experiences for 2024

There’s something for every traveller in our ultimate travel guide for 2024, including visiting some of the world’s most remote Inuit communities, watching the dazzling aurora borealis from the deck of the ship, or joining the fortunate few who have crossed the Antarctic Circle.

Download our e-book or complete a quiz to help you find your dream destination to add to your bucket list.

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