As one of the world’s most remote, fascinating locations, the Arctic Circle is not your ordinary travel destination. Populated by seals, whales and polar bears, the Arctic is a place of extremes — both in weather, and in beauty.

At Aurora Expeditions, we pride ourselves on creating memorable voyages that bring you closer to incredible scenery and wildlife. To help give you the push you need to start planning your journey, here are our top 6 reasons to visit the Arctic Circle.

1. More bang for your buck

On our Across the Arctic Circle voyage, you’ll get to visit not just one, but three stunning regions over the course of the trip. Starting in Scotland, you’ll depart from Aberdeen to journey north towards the Orkney and Shetland islands. As we approach the Arctic Circle, the Polar Pioneer will hug the stunning Norwegian coastline, before exchanging the mainland for the remote shores of the Svalbard archipelago.

2. Follow in the footsteps of our greatest explorers

Honour the great tradition of polar exploration by venturing into the very same waters as Willem Barentsz, who first discovered Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago back in 1596.

The island was also passed by Fridtjof Nansen, a Norwegian explorer who attempted to reach the North Pole in 1893 by freezing his ship into pack ice and allowing it to drift with the current across the Arctic Circle.

3. Enjoy a glass of bubbles at 66/33 N

Crossing into the Arctic Circle is a momentous occasion for seasoned travellers and first-time explorers alike. You can toast this special occasion in style with a glass of bubbles with your fellow explorers.

4. The best holiday photos ever

There’s nothing like coming home and reliving some of the incredible moments from your holiday by flicking through your photos. The precious memories you make while on board can be immortalised in your holiday photos, which are bound to be some of the best pictures you’ve ever taken. Reminisce with your family, or share your snaps on social media, the choice is yours! Check out our top tips for mastering polar photography here.

5. Tick off a bucket list item (or two!)

Always dreamed of seeing a polar bear in its natural habitat? Is crossing the Arctic Circle on your bucket list? Want to get up close and personal with a calving glacier? There’s no better way to challenge yourself and tick off some once-in-a-lifetime experiences than by setting out on a polar voyage with Aurora Expeditions.

6. Explore the ‘kingdom of light’

The stunning Norwegian coastline alone is enough to make this an easy decision. With 40 percent of the country lying within the Arctic Circle, Norway has a varied, beautiful landscape, from soaring, craggy mountains to tranquil fjords, glaciers and quiet seaside villages.

Known as ‘the Kingdom of light’, summer in Norway is characterised by long daylight hours which bathe the countryside in golden sunlight – a phenomenon known as the “midnight sun”.  All of this combines to make Norway one amazing country to explore on your expedition.

To find out more about these, and any of our other exciting expeditions, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team.


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