With almost two-thirds of the country covered by mountains and a whopping 50,000 islands, including the Svalbard island chain in the High Arctic, Norway is an adventure-lover’s paradise. Sea kayaking in Norway is the best way to experience this postcard-perfect country’s stunning fjords that have been carved out by glaciers, and its unique coastlines characterised by a unique blend of impossibly lush mountain ranges and jagged peaks that are yet to be tamed.

Discover Norway’s rich seafaring history that dates back to the Viking era as you paddle along its charming coastlines, stopping to admire fishing villages dotted with colourful wooden houses. Keep your eyes peeled for seals, sea eagles, endemic marine birds and whales as you glide silently through its waterways. Your experienced and knowledgeable Sea Kayaking Guide will also look for safe and unobtrusive opportunities for you and your small group to spot majestic polar bears and mighty walruses lounging on sea ice.

Make the most of extended daylight hours by exploring Norway from the water, under the midnight sun.

"Kayaking in amongst sea ice with our follower travelers and with Daniel and Wes who at all times had our safety front and Centre. They allowed us to experience what they knew we could manage (even if we didn’t know ourselves)  and that was very special. A memory that will last a lifetime for this 67 year old."

Kayaking Nordvest Fjord, Eskimobugt, Scoresbysund, East Greenland, Matt Horspool

"The guides were all excellent. We were part of the kayaking team so we spent a lot of time with Dan and Wes and I cannot think of a single thing to improve on their service. They are both incredibly knowledgeable, sensitive and fun and contributed to our enjoyment of our expedition."

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How do I book Sea Kayaking in Norway?

If you have intermediate paddling experience and would like to participate in our sea kayaking program on your Norway voyage please contact our friendly team.


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