The natural beauty of Greenland

There’s no place like Greenland when it comes to giant icebergs (some of the largest on the planet), immense actively calving glaciers and some truly remote and intrepid places. Whether you visit East, West or South Greenland, you are sure to be in for an adventure and a unique experience immersed in the beautiful natural world. Below, we explore some things to do in Greenland.

Whale watching in Disko Bay

Whale watching in Disko Bay.

West Greenland

In West Greenland, visit Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is choking with icebergs calved from Jacobshavn Glacier, one of the most productive glaciers in the northern hemisphere. It’s a fantastic place for photography; from the ancient volcanic rocks along the hiking trails on Qeqertarsuaq to the superb whale and bird-watching opportunities in Disko Bay, West Greenland is an ideal place to experience an expedition cruise. In West Greenland you can also discover Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, an Arctic metropolis of 40,000 inhabitants, with a small-town feel, shaped by nature and known for its cultural diversity. Stroll through town and admire the brightly-coloured timber houses, the colours of which once signified the occupation of the inhabitants, and visit Greenland’s National Museum, which showcases the 500-year-old Qilakitsoq mummies.

Hiking in Illulissat

Hiking in Illulissat

South Greenland

Exploring another side of Greenland, South Greenland is famous for its stunning fjords including Tasermiut Fjord, said to be one of the most beautiful in Greenland for its majestic mountains and lush valleys, ideal for ship cruising, Zodiac excursions, and hikes. Hear stories about Viking settlement of Greenland dating back to the 10th century at Hvalsey church ruins and soak in a natural hot spring surrounded by mountain scenery in Uunartoq.

Uunatoq hot spring

Uunartoq hot spring.

A highlight of an expedition cruise in South Greenland is sailing along magnificent Prince Christian Sound – a famous channel in southern Greenland that enables a safe passage for the largest ships between the East Coast and South Coast. It separates the mainland from the southern archipelago and saves marine traffic from being exposed to the dangerous storms around Cape Farewell. The sound is named in honour of Prince Christian, later King Christian VIII of Denmark, and is around 100 km (60 miles) long and can be as narrow as only 500 metres (1,600 ft) wide. The fjord is surrounded by steep mountains, reaching over 2,200 metres (7,200 ft) high. There is only one settlement along this sound, Aappilattoq, at the extreme western end. Life doesn’t get much more remote than this.

Prins Christiansund

Prins Christiansund

East Greenland

In East Greenland the scenery is truly astonishing. Here you’ll find a backdrop of towering mountains, vast areas of wilderness, huge glaciers, countless icebergs, and sea cliffs banded with layers of purple, cream and blue. Hike across the tundra on the trail of arctic hare, arctic fox, and musk ox. Discover Scoresbysund where you can paddle^ and Zodiac cruise along one of the world’s longest, largest and deepest fjord systems. At Ittoqqortoormiit, visit Greenland’s most remote settlement, home to approximately 450, mostly Inuit people.


Aappilattoq, South Greenland

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Zodiac cruising Scoresbysund

Zodiac cruising in Scoresbysund.

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