Cruising around the Antarctic Peninsula, you’ll see myriad marvels that most people will likely never encounter in their life. Towering icebergs float gently on the rolling waves, penguins of many shapes and sizes dart in and out of the ocean for food, and the sun remains in the sky almost 24 hours a day.

Indeed, an Antarctic expedition is a sight to truly behold, and of course, one to share. But what are some of the different modern ways you can let the folks back home see your journey?

Send a postcard

On a small island along the Antarctic Peninsula is Port Lockroy, the British Antarctic Base. A small team of staff man this place each summer, conducting research and maintaining a small museum, gift shop and, you guessed it, post box! Here, you can buy a postcard and send it off. The cards are taken back to South America by passing ships, so don’t expect a quick return – it can take a couple of months for your card to arrive.

If your Antarctic voyage doesn’t make it to Port Lockroy or you want something to arrive a bit quicker, Australia Post offers a service through its postcard app, where you can take a picture with your phone, write a note and send it off to the company. They will then print it out on high-quality materials and post it to the address you like! Just keep in mind, as there is no internet connection in Antarctica, you won’t be able to send it until you arrive back on the mainland in South America.

Use our Track My Trip service

Our Track My Trip service is complimentary to all our passengers. Simply register for the system before your cruise to Antarctica, select which friends you want to keep updated and we’ll do the rest! Each friend you register will receive a daily email update of where you are, allowing you more time to sit back and enjoy your adventure to this wonderful continent.

Social media

There’s more to posting photos online than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Flickr. Let people see the photos you take on our fantastic Antarctic photography expedition by utilising website 500px. It’s a site dedicated to photo enthusiasts, where you can show off your professional-looking snaps, as well as possibly sell them.

There will be many photographic moments worth sharing at the Antarctic Peninsula.
There will be many photographic moments worth sharing at the Antarctic Peninsula.

TweetedTrips is another alternative, which uses the GPS location from your regular Twitter feed to create a map of your journey. Publish your Antarctic voyage and send it to your friends, so they can see where you went and the photos you took along the way.


At the end of your Antarctic expedition, our team will collate photographs from your trip and our daily newsletter and compile it all into a printed book of the voyage. This is the perfect way to share your experiences and to keep a memento of your trip.

Most of our passengers come home with large numbers of photographs, so you might even like to consider creating your own personal photobook as well. There are plenty of companies that let you do this, offering you a choice from a variety of book cover materials (paper or hardback, or something else entirely?), and the option to lay out your photos in a way that would rival most travel Antarctic travel tourism books in the local store. You can also write captions and accompanying stories, to take the reader on a tour of your holiday and offer insight into the pictures.

Many companies offer this service, such as Click on Print, Snapfish and Photobook Australia.

They say sharing is caring, so make sure you share your next tour of Antarctica.


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