We advise you to plan well in advance and prioritise your requirements for the trip. This allows you to make the most of your holiday and the time and money you have invested in it. Make a list of things you must attend to within a certain time frame before departure and strike them off once they are done. Give priority to the most important aspects affecting your participation on the trip eg your footwear, wet weather gear, buying a new camera, obtaining a new passport, and so on.

Clothing List – Essential Items

  • Good quality walking boots (broken in)
  • Running shoes or joggers
  • Good rainproof jacket (with hood) and trousers
  • Heavyweight polar fleece jumper (200-300 weight)
  • Thermal underwear (top & bottom)
  • Socks (at least 3 pairs – thick wool blend)
  • Casual cotton trousers/skirts for cities and towns.
  • Lightweight walking trousers for trek days
  • Long-sleeved shirts x 2 (Quick-dry material)
  • Collared t-shirts
  • Wool hat/beanie (must cover ears)
  • Gloves/mitts – (thermal)
  • Cap or sun hat with cord
  • Underwear (normal amount for daily wear)
  • Toiletries
  • Sunglasses (good quality, dark lenses with 100% UV).
  • Optional Buff or cotton scarf (protects your face from dust/sun)

Equipment list – Essential Items

  • Day pack (this is a small backpack of around 35 litres to carry personal items you might need during the trekking day, camera, water bottle, rain gear etc)
  • Water bottle carrying at least 500mls (we refill during treks)
  • Plastic bags (excellent for separating clean and dirty clothes, also as liners for your daypack in case it rains)
  • Money belt (For carrying passport, money)
  • Camera (spare film & spare batteries)

Equipment list – optional items

  • Trekking poles – highly recommended if you have knee issues
  • Small pillow or headrest
  • Torch or flashlight (power failures may occur in the lodges)
  • Sewing kit
  • Books, Cards etc

Personal medical kit

Your guide will carry a comprehensive medical kit for any accidents that may occur. It is your responsibility to bring sufficient quantities of any specific medications you require. Consult your doctor before departure so that they know the conditions under which you will be taking the medication. Please advise your guide of any side effects of any medication you take and of any dietary requirements related to taking them.

In addition, we suggest that each passenger bring:

  • Sunscreen SP15+ (a water-resistant variety is recommended)
  • Lip balm (which contains sunscreen)
  • Band-aid strips
  • Blister protection (eg: Blistex or Compeed pads or jelly rings)
  • Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen or equivalent headache remedy
  • A mild anti-nausea drug if you are concerned about motion sickness
  • Antiseptic hand wipes or hand washing
  • Cold and flu suppressant (with climate changes, colds are common)
  • Antiseptic solution (eg Betadine)
  • Elastic bandage or sports strapping
  • Throat lozenges or sweets
  • A pair of nail scissors and tweezers
  • Staminade, or a similar electrolyte preparation – good for adding to your water bottle as a refreshing drink and for fluid