Sea kayaking in the Arctic is one of the best ways to experience this diverse polar region that encompasses the northernmost part of the Earth. From the rugged mountains and glaciers of Greenland and volcanic island of Iceland to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, a haven for Arctic wildlife, the Arctic is a paradise for lovers of the natural world.

Imagine paddling through an intricate maze of sea ice, through picture-perfect fjords forged by ancient glaciers, under dramatic bird cliffs and searching for the mighty walrus and elusive polar bear – from a distance! 

Led by an experienced Sea Kayaking Guide, you and your small group will have unparalleled opportunities to encounter wildlife and geological marvels as you glide silently and unobtrusively through this remote part of the world, accessing areas inaccessible to larger vessels.

“It was a fabulous cruise to the High Arctic. Daniel was a great kayaking guide and really made the trip spectacular for us. Rest of the crew were great too.”

Two People Kayaking in Spitsbergen, Svalbard; Al Bakker

"Kayaking through ice…and meditating with Danial who made the experience so special. Mediation in the Arctic is a new experience."

P. McGarry
Kayaking Nordvest Fjord, Eskimobugt, Scoresbysund, East Greenland, Matt Horspool

"The kayaking was a thrill and we are planning to kayak more in the future as a result of our experience."

K. Proudman

How do I go Sea Kayaking in the Arctic?

If you have intermediate paddling experience and would like to participate in our sea kayaking program on your Arctic voyage please contact our expert team or complete a polar kayaking activity form.

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