Aurora Expeditions has been a major contributor during important talks in Chile this month to discuss the country’s tourism development and planning. The tourism expansion includes opening Chile’s access to Antarctica after last year’s launch of Aurora Expeditions’ new Antarctic itineraries that include departures from Puerto Williams, the country’s most southerly port.

Aurora Expeditions’ Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Bolton, attended the talks in Santiago, Chile on 3 July 2014 as part of a collaboration organised by the Chilean Navy.

“I am delighted to be able to be a part of, and assist in, the development of Chile as a new Antarctic gateway, helping to support and sustainably develop the growth of the Antarctic tourism industry.”

“This coming Antarctic season will be Aurora Expeditions’ first in operating expeditions in and out of Puerto Williams. The Chilean Government, from both tourism and naval sectors, has made a strong commitment and investment in the region, which for us as a tour operator, means we’ll be able to run smooth operations in and out of the Chilean port.”

“Puerto Williams really offers a perfect starting or ending point for Antarctic expeditions, with its wealth of nature and amazing mountains backdrop, as well as it’s vicinity to Cape Horn – a place that every Antarctic passenger hopes to get a glimpse of.”

In conjunction with the Chilean Tourism Minister, the Director of Public Works, and other companies interested in providing support services to the region, Bolton was involved in discussing topics such as tariffs, increased airport capacity and fuel supply, as well as collaborating with other public services in the region.

Aurora Expeditions will begin to operate expeditions in and out of Puerto Williams from this coming 2014-15 Antarctica season. There is still opportunity to join Aurora Expeditions’ inaugural voyage into Puerto Williams. The ‘Spirit of Antarctica’expedition will depart from Ushuaia on 6 December and finish in Puerto Williams on 17 December 2014.


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