Announcing our 2018/2019 Antarctic photography competition winners!

The results are in from our 2018/2019 Antarctic Photography Competition! Thank you so much to all the expeditioners who entered, your photos were truly amazing.

The winners are…

Trevor Holman (1st prize winner)

Maria Jose Martinez (1st runner up)

Richard Lukacz (2nd runner up).

Trevor took his winning photo whilst on our In-Depth South Georgia & Antarctica voyage in December, and Maria and Richard travelled on our South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey voyages. Congratulations from all of us at Aurora Expeditions!

The winning photos were judged by international award-winning wildlife, nature and underwater photographer, Scott Portelli. Scott was awarded National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2016, awarded at the Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year awards 2018 and winner in the Underwater Category at Asferico International Nature Photography Awards 2018. Scott will also be our onboard photography guide on select Spirit of Antarctica, Antarctic Explorer, Wild Scotland,  Iceland, Greenland and East Canada  and Orkneys, Faroes, Jan Mayen & Svalbard voyages.

Check out the winning photos below.

Winner – ‘Look I Can Fly’ by Trevor Holman taken at Neko Harbour, Antarctica on our In-Depth South Georgia & Antarctica voyage


Gentoo penguin flying


The winning photo by Trevor Holman, ‘Look I Can Fly’

“Capturing wildlife behaviour in their natural environment takes time and patience, and it sometimes pays off when you capture that precise moment. When I first saw this image it immediately had emotional impact. A flightless bird in mid-flight, the timing was just perfect. The image immediately tells a story and brings the viewer into that moment. The subject matter composition and pose helps bring this story to life. I congratulate the photographer on creating such an engaging image.” – Scott Portelli.

1st Runner Up – ‘King Penguin in the Sea’ by Maria Jose Martinez in the Scotia Sea on our South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey voyage

King penguins in the sea

Photo by Maria Jose Martinez, ‘King Penguin in the Sea’

“This image has so many beautiful elements that make it a stunning photograph. literally a sea of king penguins with a backdrop of mountain ranges and endless beaches. The story is so engaging as is the glance of a curious king penguin which immediately captures your eye. This image really captures the sense of a vast landscape crowded with thousands of king penguins. This is very strong composition with good balance throughout the image. Nice leading lines as the trail of penguins on the water draws your eye to the shoreline where there is so much more. An excellent image all round and a great job by the photographer,” – Scott Portelli.

2nd Runner Up – ‘Standing Guard’ by Richard Lukacz taken on South Georgia on our South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey voyage

Fur seal standing guard

Photo by Richard Lukacz, ‘Standing Guard’

“This image gives a sense of place. A hazy sky with dramatic cliffs lining the coastline and the expedition ship in the background. A beautiful composition with natural framing from the surrounding landscape and diagonal lines in the foreground. On top of the cliffs a mother and her newly born seal pup are the focal point of the image and help to highlight the habitat that these animals thrive. The photographer has captured a truly beautiful diverse image and has a good understanding of photographic techniques, well done.” – Scott Portelli.


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