Ryan Burner

Ryan Burner


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Ryan is a biologist and traveller who found his love of the outdoors as a child in the forests and fields of his native Ohio. Since first setting foot on the Arctic sea ice while in college, the polar regions have had a special place in his heart.

Over the last 15 years, he’s found adventure in nearly 60 countries on all seven continents, including studying phytoplankton, penguins, and seals in the Antarctic, and shorebirds and polar bears on the northern coast of Alaska.

He’s currently based in Louisiana where he is finishing up a PhD in ornithology. His studies gave him the opportunity to lead 7 expeditions to remote mountains across Borneo, accompanied by blowpipe-toting local guides. Shortly after marrying in 2016, he and his wife Lindsay rode horses across the Mongolian steppe to study the nesting ecology of the little-known Amur Falcon.

Ryan knows that passion for the natural world is contagious and he loves watching others experience the wonder.