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Florence Kuyper

Florence Kuyper
Expedition Leader

Senior PTGA logo

Language: Dutch (Native) English (Fluent), French (Fluent)

After receiving her Masters degree in Educational Psychology in the Netherlands, Florence had a long career as a consultant-manager in the field of social affairs. Fluent in french, she is a cosmopolitan with a passion for deserts, history and nomadic people around the globe.

In 2004, she went for the first time to the big white desert; Antarctica, and her passion for this continent has drawn her back ‘South’ ever since. But Florence can also do extreme heat: she crossed 1,200 km of Mongolian desert on foot, together with a team and her Bactrian camel.

Florence also works on sailing yachts in the Arctic and Antarctica. She was Base Leader at Port Lockroy, a British historical base on the Antarctic Peninsula. Florence has worked in both polar regions since 2012 and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge and unlimited passion for the polar regions with you, especially in the field of history.

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