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Eamon Larkin

Eamon Larkin
Kayaking Guide

Growing up on the South Coast of NSW, the coastline and its beaches were always a second home to Eamon. He would explore the coastline either kayaking, snorkelling, or surfing during ocean swim events. Eamon bought his first kayak with a friend at the age of 13 years old and has had more than one type or another ever since.

The canyons and cliffs of the Blue Mountains soon called to him and a long love of climbing and bushwalking followed. The amazing people he met in the mountains would shape what he wanted to do and become in life.

Eamon transferred from electronics tech industry to outdoor guiding in 1994, and he has been involved in outdoor education, guiding, training, instructing and assessing people in a variety of adventurous pursuits and first aid courses ever since.

He is truly rewarded seeing people enjoy new activities, experience different cultures, and be affected by beautiful natural environments. For years Eamon has lead student teams to Peru, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, NZ, Fiji and Nepal. These expeditions encourage the students to grow in independence, resilience and awareness.

For the last 10 years, he has also been working as a sea kayaking guide in Fiji and beyond. Back at home he continues to guide, teach and share his love of the outdoors with adult and student groups.

His passion for languages, travel and adventure has made for a wealth of great memories and stories.

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