Danna Walker

Danna Walker
Business Development Manager, Canada

Danna started her career in Polar Expeditions 10 years ago. She has been all over the polar regions by ship and on foot. She loves Antarctica and all its glory. She can talk endlessly about her experiences there, and her friends live vicariously through her expeditions. But Danna has a deep seeded passion and respect for the Arctic.

Growing up in the mountains of British Columbia Canada, and being close to the Arctic, she felt it was an easy reach. She spent her young adult years listening to Canadian folk singer Stan Rogers, who sang passionately about Canadian history, the Northwest Passage, and the Bluenose Ship. She says his baritone voice, and traditional songs, lead her to where she is today. She still gets goose bumps when she talks about the History of Franklin and how she feels when she stands on Beachy Island in the Canadian Arctic.

Danna has an arctic library that she uses for inspiration and exploration daily. She worked with a team of Explorers in 2014 to assist with the great find of the HMS Erebus. Her knowledge both past and present in the Canadian arctic is extensive.

Danna believes that sustainability, education, and passion are the most important part of travel. You must see it to believe it, and you must believe it to care. And to Care is to protect. Danna wants to explore and travel to many more remote places in the world. And she believes that traveling by ship is one of the best ways to do that.

During the last 25 years she has raised two children, hiking them around the mountains in BC, and living close to her large family. When they travel, she tells them “Check in with me, explore passionately, and don’t come home until you’re done” and she says they almost always listen to her.

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