Clare Ainsworth

Assistant Expedition Leader Trainee, Expedition Team Development Assistant

Now a resident of Tasmania, Clare grew up in the UK where she caught the travel bug at a young age from adventurous parents. An early fascination with the oceans led to various maritime adventures including a circumnavigation of the world in an 18th-century sailing ship.

Drawn by the combined appeal of helping people and solving logistical challenges, Clare trained with HM Coastguard in the UK and spent several years as a SAR coordinator in Britain and Australia, and as a communications and logistics specialist in Antarctica. She has worked on the eastern Antarctic coast for the Australian government and more recently in the Antarctic interior supporting research, expeditions and tourism.

Ever a lover of variety, she has also worked in career development, provided student services in tertiary education, supported a sustainable gardening business, and continued to travel on several continents by ship, foot, train, kayak, bike and 4WD. She has family ties with Scotland and loves spending time on the magical islands of the west coast. When not engaged with all things Aurora, she likes to run, cook, sing, read and meet new people.

Clare Ainsworth's Destinations