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Antarctic Explorer

Early Antarctic explorers returned from their voyages to the deep south with tales of a magnificent, ice-covered land teeming with …

10-12 Days

From USD $10,895.00/pp

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Solar Eclipse – Antarctica & South Georgia

In December 2021, a full solar eclipse* will occur that will be visible over the Weddell Sea, offering people the …

22 Days

From USD $23,670.00/pp

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Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

This epic voyage takes you on a journey beyond comparison, visiting enigmatic subantarctic islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Similar to …

21 Days

From USD $21,150.00/pp

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Antarctica Complete

Experience unparalleled adventure and discovery on your ultimate Antarctic voyage. If you want to see it all, this is the …

23 Days

From USD $22,795.00/pp

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Spirit of Antarctica

Embrace the spirit of polar exploration on this classic expedition to the coveted white continent. Sail across the famed Drake …

11-12 Days

From USD $10,800.00/pp

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Wild Antarctica

Famed for its tremendous tabular icebergs, year-round sea ice, fascinating fossils and the pivotal role it played in Shackleton’s Endurance …

11-13 Days

From USD $12,330.00/pp

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Across the Antarctic Circle

Venturing below the Antarctic Circle is about more than just earning bragging rights. It is the chance to enter a …

12-15 Days

From USD $12,235.50/pp

Trekking the West Highland Way

Walk the picturesque banks of Loch Lomond, hike among rugged mountain peaks and gentle glens, and maybe even sample a …

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Cairngorms National Park Explorer

Hiking in the Cairngorms National Park is a special experience. Listed by National Geographic as one of the top 50 …

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