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Welcome to our trade page!  欢迎来到我们的代理商专属页面!

We are excited to announce that our 2021/22 Antarctic voyages and 2021 Global voyages are here!

From Antarctica’s snow-capped shores to stunning wildlife of South Georgia, discover abundant bird life in the Falklands~Malvinas or photograph sloths and monkeys in stunning Costa Rica. Our team of destination experts have designed incredible itineraries to inspire your client’s next adventure.                

我们很高兴跟大家宣布 新的 2021/22 南极季度,与 2021 全球旅行季度的行程宣传册新鲜出炉!                                                         


短时间内,在一些特定的航线中的一些特定的客舱,我们为前期预定行程的客户提供最高至 25%的折扣*。请注意这些折扣中的客舱数量有限,本次折扣在 2020 年 3 月 31 日结束,或在此前者售暨为止。

*对于中国境内的代理商,非常抱歉以下大多数文件皆储存在Dropbox中。如果您和您的团队因为种种原因不能下载这些文件,请通过页面最下方的通讯方式,联系澳罗拉探险的亚洲区商务拓展经理 – Gloria Guo.*

Announcing the new Sylvia Earle  ·  新游轮 – “曦珥号”

Our 2nd purpose-built expedition vessel honours the highly accomplished marine biologist, oceanographer and explorer, Sylvia Earle. As the first female chief scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and named by Time Magazine as its first Hero for the Planet in 1998 – this vessel pays tribute to Sylvia’s long standing conservation efforts for marine protected areas and ocean wildlife. 

Besides the same revolutionary Ulstein X-BOW® design like the Greg Mortimer, the Sylvia Earle features a distinctive Glass Atrium Lounge at the bow of the ship with a stunning panoramic view on both port and starboard side, a swimming pool and jacuzzi where you can admire impressive scenery while watching the world go by.

曦珥号是澳罗拉探险为探险旅行而专业打造的第二艘游轮。她以著名的海洋学家,生物学家以及探险家 Dr. Sylvia Earle 席薇亚·厄尔博士的名字命名。厄尔博士是美国国家海洋气象局(NOAA)的第一位女性首席科学家,并在1988年被美国时代周刊评为第一批“行星的英雄”之一。我们用她的名字命名这艘探险船,致敬席薇娅一生中长期不间断的致力于保护海洋以及海洋生物的作为和贡献。
曦珥号与阁默号一样采用革命性的乌斯坦恩X-BOW®船体设计。另外,曦珥号在船首处拥有一个全景玻璃观景中庭,可以供乘客观赏船体左右两 侧的景色。并拥有一处游泳池和按摩浴缸,人们在这里可以惬意的放松一下,看着任时光流逝,与周围的世界一齐从身边飘过

The Greg Mortimer “阁默号”

Our current purpose-built expedition ship, the Greg Mortimer set sail in October this year! If you missed it, we have new images from our inaugural voyage in Antarctica and a 7.5 minute video with Greg Mortimer himself and the new ship. We’ve also launched a brand-new TV ad, click below to view our 30 second ad, as well as 15 second and 6 second version for social media.

If you would like your travel agency call to action added on any of the videos, please send the copy of your logo and the details that you would like added (e.g. phone number, email address and website) to [email protected]. Please note there is approximately a 2-3 week turnaround. 

全新为探险旅行专业打造的游轮,阁默号于去年10月份完成了南极首航。如果你错过了首航也别担心。我们制作了 一段由克雷格·莫蒂默亲自解说,长度为七分半的介绍影片。同时您也可以点击下方的链接,观看社交平台的30秒,15秒和6秒的短片。

如果您希望客制视频,将您所在的旅行社的联系方式放在上述影片的结尾的话。替换您的商业标识和具体联系方式(例如电话,电子邮件,和网页)发至[email protected]

Marketing Assets 营销材料

2021/22 Brochure – Out Now!          2021/22 年宣传册正式发行了!

Download a customisable copy of our new 2021/22 brochure. Click below the brochure for your market.

下载一份可定制的全新 2020-22 年航次宣传册。

Customisable Flyers 可定制传单

Download customisable versions of our new flyers promoting our new 2021/22 voyages.

点击下方下载可客制传单用以宣传 2021/22 年的航线与航次。

Social Media Tiles 社交媒体图块

Promote our new 2021/22 voyages on Facebook and Instagram.

以此在国内外的各种社交媒体平台上宣传 2021/22 季度的航线与航次。

Pricing 价格列表

Due to the unforeseen impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to reschedule many of our voyages. We have contacted all our travel agent partners with affected bookings to advise them of the changes. You can download the revised schedule and pricing information here. Our pricing remains largely unchanged but has been modified in some instances due to minor changes in itinerary length.

Please find below a summary of the changes we’ve had to implement.

  • 2020 Global Voyages – we have rescheduled our Patagonia & Chilean Fjords (PCF001G) and Costa Rica & the Panama Canal (CRP001G) voyages to 2021.
  • 2020 Arctic Voyages – We have rescheduled our Arctic voyages, departing between May and October, to 2021. The exception being our Iceland, Greenland & East Canada voyage (IAR001G) which has been cancelled.

Antarctica 20/21 Voyages: November 2020 onwards

  • Antarctic voyages up until the 26th December 2020 – For Antarctic voyages scheduled before 27 December, 2020, we are currently speaking to passengers travelling on these voyages, as we believe it is highly unlikely that they will be able to travel to Argentina during this period. We are working closely with these passengers to move them to a like-for-like voyage in our 2021/2022 program.
  • Antarctic voyages from 27th December 2020 onwards – we will be providing an update on these voyages by the end of July. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and we are working on alternative plans in the event that international travel will not be possible for your clients, or if they are not yet ready to commit to travel at this time.

2021 Arctic update – we have made some slight date/itinerary changes to voyages in the 2021 Arctic program as a result of the postponement of our 2020 Arctic voyages, with exception to the two voyages below with changes outlined:

  • Orkneys, Faroes, Jan Mayen & Svalbard (SFS001G) has been rescheduled to 2022.
  • East Greenland Explorer (EGL001G) has been cancelled.

2021 Global Voyages – The following changes have been made to voyages as outlined below:

  • Guanacaste, Costa Rica (GCR001G) has been cancelled.
  • Costa Rica & The Panama Canal (CRP002G) has been rescheduled to 2022.
  • Ireland’s West Coast (IRE001G) and Wild Scotland (SCOT16G) have been rescheduled to 2022.

Please refer to the changes below & on the pricing sheet:

  • Voyages marked in yellow are now sold out or are on waitlist
  • Voyages marked in orange are limited availability, call us
  • Voyages & treks marked in green are new or amended
  • Camping for 21/22 Antarctic season will be charged at US$150 available first come, first served basis max 40 people. For the 20/21 Antarctica season this is currently FOC. Voyages marked in purple have only kayaking/diving available, call to enquire.
  • Cabin category changes/ additions; The Greg Mortimer vessel, Balcony Suite has changed name to Balcony Stateroom Superior. This change has also been implemented on the new ship, the Sylvia Earle. In addition, the Sylvia Earle will have a new cabin category Aurora Superior Stateroom (twin share) which, will feature French Balconies. Some of the Balcony cabins on the Greg Mortimer have changed from Balcony Stateroom category B to Balcony Stateroom category A. Please refer to deck plan and cabin layouts.


  • 标注了黄色的航线意味着该航线已售暨,或者只有等候名单的名额。
  • 标注了橙色的航线意味着该航线只有很有限的舱位,有意者欢迎致电咨询。
  • 标注为绿色的航程跟徒步旅行为新的行程,或者更改过的行程。
  • 21/22 季度的南极露营将需要缴纳 150 美金的费用,本着先到先得的原则,仅限 40 人。20/21季度的南极露营活动是完全免费的。另外标准为紫色的航线意味着该航线只有潜水和皮划艇活动的名额剩余。欢迎致电来询。
  • 2021年3月 10号启航的ASG82G 将下船地点从智利的威廉斯港改到了阿根廷的乌斯怀亚。
  •  客舱类别增补与修订:相比于阁默号,曦珥号增加了一个客舱类别:澳罗拉高级客舱(双人),这个类别的客舱特别配备了封闭式的法式阳台。而阁默号上面的部分B类别露台客舱则被升级为A类露台客舱。请参照甲板平面图的客舱分布。

Deck Plan & Cabin Layouts 甲板设计图 与 客舱平面图

Greg Mortimer 阁默号

Please note for the Greg Mortimer, 2021/22 season only some of our Balcony cabins have changed from Balcony Stateroom category B to Balcony Stateroom category A. We have also changed the name of the Balcony Suite to Balcony Stateroom Superior. Please refer to the cabin number reference sheet for which cabin numbers have changed.


Sylvia Earle

On the Sylvia Earle, we have introduced a new cabin category, Aurora Superior Stateroom, which will feature French Balconies.






Product  产品

Please see below our new Antarctica 2021/22 voyages, 2021 Latin America, 2021 Ireland’s West Coast and 2021 Trekking to load. We have also updated all of our past trip notes from the Antarctic, The Arctic & Latin America 2020 season – 2021 season. Please update these on your websites to make sure you have the latest copy.

请点击下方查看新的21/22 季度南极航线,2021 拉丁美洲航线,2021 爱尔兰西海岸航线,和 2021季度徒步探险等行程。我们同时也更新了所有2020 年南极北极和拉丁美洲航线的行程日志。请确保您的网页或者宣传册上的信息是最新的资料。

Antarctica 南极

New Antarctica 2021/22 including trip notes, maps and images.



Antarctica 2020/21 including trip notes, maps and images. Please re upload all of the trip notes in this folder to your website. 已更新的2020/21南极季度包括旅行日志,行程地图和图册。请确保您使用最新的资料。点击右侧下载。

Latin America | 拉丁美洲 2021

New Latin America 2021 including trip notes, maps and images.


Trekking | 徒步旅行

New 2021/22 treks including trip notes, maps and images. Please re upload all the trip notes in this folder including 2020 treks to your website.

新的 2021/22徒步行资料,包括旅行日志,行程地图和图册。请确保您使用最新的资料。点击右侧下载。 

Arctic | 北极

Arctic 2020/21 including trip notes, maps and images. Please re upload all of the trip notes in this folder to your website.


Europe | 欧洲


Images 图集

When promoting Aurora Expeditions in digital and print media please use the images below.


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