WINNER: World’s Best Expedition Cruise Line | 2023 World Cruise Awards

Piotr Damski

Assistant Expedition Leader, Local Guide, Expedition Medic

Meet Piotr, a fearless adventurer who has been exploring the world since the age of 18. His love for raw Arctic landscapes, rich personal histories and unique wildlife led him to venture to the Arctic Circle in 2014, where he worked as a musher in Svalbard, caring for 100 polar dogs and guiding people around the archipelago. Living remotely without running water, he developed a unique skill set to guide, tell stories and share his knowledge about the Arctic. Piotr is now working between Iceland and Greenland, studying a Masters in Arctic Tourism and leading dog sledding, kayaking, and hiking trips. 

With his emergency rescue outdoor training and ability to deal with harsh and challenging conditions, Piotr ensures that his passengers are in safe hands while having unforgettable adventures. He encourages expeditioners to live the slow Arctic life, which is a grounding and levelling experience.

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