Heidi Krajewsky


Venturing out to sea as a Sea Cadet during her teens, Heidi then left home to work as a deckhand on a schooner on the west coast of her native Canada.

Further travels to Bermuda and Canada’s west coast ignited a keen interest in the natural world.

Following her passion, Heidi worked on wilderness adventure boats to put herself through a Marine Biology degree at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. She has been enthusiastically interpreting the natural world ever since.

Heidi was a founding director of the Marine Education and Research Society and assisted with Humpback and Minke Whale research in British Columbia. She has also run a research vessel for Raincoast Conservation Society working on many projects including a large baseline study of marine mammals and sea birds.

Heidi now lives in Tasmania where she spends her free time hiking in the wild and remote regions and volunteering with the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service.

Heidi's Destinations

Heidi's Expeditions

  • Svalbard Odyssey

    11 DAYS from AU$7,200 per person

    Circumnavigate Spitsbergen and experience a world filled with deep shimmering fjords, polar deserts, old whaling settlements and magnificent wildlife, including the mighty polar bear.

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    Expedition - Across the Antarctic Circle

    Across the Antarctic Circle

    11/12/13 DAYS from US$9,100 pp FLY/SAIL

    Celebrate crossing latitude 66° 33' South in the wake of hallowed explorers and experience a world of powerful whales, shimmering mountain ranges and mesmerising icebergs.

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    Expedition - In Shackleton’s Footsteps

    In Shackleton’s Footsteps

    18 DAYS from US$14,600 pp

    Late summer offers the best chance to chart a course through the Weddell Sea’s shifting pack ice and vast tabular bergs, where Shackleton’s ship Endurance was trapped and crushed.

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