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Complete Northwest Passage

On this epic voyage inspired by Roald Amundsen’s historic expedition, we attempt to sail the full length of the Northwest …

30 Days

From AUD $46,236.00/pp

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Svalbard in Depth

On this extended exploration of the Svalbard archipelago, there is ample time to enjoy the best of this magical region, …

15 Days

From AUD $19,036.00/pp

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Ireland and Scotland Discovery

Explore the rugged west coast of Ireland, journey through hundreds of islands and enchanting peninsulas. See some of the highest …

17 Days

From AUD $16,121.25/pp

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Iceland, Jan Mayen, Svalbard

From the lush green mosses and bustling bird cliffs of Iceland to the stark, sublime volcanic beauty of Jan Mayen …

15 Days

From AUD $16,346.25/pp

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South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey featuring the South Sandwich Islands

On this epic voyage, not only will you explore the famed white continent, enjoy two days discovering the Falklands~Malvinas, encounter …

24 Days

From USD $24,560.75/pp

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Antarctic Peninsula In Depth

The ultimate expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula that seeks to include visits to some well-known locations and opportunities for surprise …

15 Days

From USD $13,356.00/pp

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Deep Weddell Following Nordenskjöld

A new voyage that focuses on the Weddell Sea region more than any other of our voyages. The Weddell Sea …

14 Days

From USD $12,236.00/pp

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Circle and Weddell

Antarctic adventurers can aim to tick two boxes off their bucket list on this voyage, where you have the opportunity …

18 Days

From USD $16,556.00/pp

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Antarctic Explorer Express

The younger sibling to our fully-grown Antarctic Explorer voyage, Antarctic Explorer Express is a condensed version of the longer itinerary. …

9 Days

From USD $9,356.00/pp

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Northwest Passage

The icy and labyrinthine channels of the legendary Northwest Passage have enchanted explorers and adventurers for centuries. Get a glimpse …

17 Days

From AUD $24,925.50/pp

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Iceland Circumnavigation

Explore the ‘Land of Ice and Fire’ where snow-capped peaks rise above glaciers and active volcanoes rumble. Walk along a …

11 Days

From AUD $11,996.00/pp

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Jewels of the Arctic

Discover Svalbard’s northwest coast and the east coast of Greenland, a land of grand superlatives, before concluding your voyage in …

15 Days

From AUD $18,610.75/pp