Planning Your Trip To The Kimberley Coast

Start planning for your cruise to the Kimberley!

The Kimberley’s harsh environment and remote access mean that you need to ensure you're well prepared for your trip. From what to take and how to get there, our team have sorted out all the information you ought to know before you go.

This information is designed to answer your questions about travelling to the Kimberley and prepare you for your adventure. Please read through this information carefully and contact our Expedition Experts if you have any questions. 

I could not speak more highly of Chris and Alasdair. Their knowledge and experience was wonderful and I don't think other tours could match them. A wonderful experience for us all.
Tim L., Australia - Kimberley Coast, 2016
We were left spellbound & yearning more by our expedition team of modern day explorers led by Mike Cusack. Their deep enthusiasm and passion for this magnificent corner Australian is infectious!
Leanne M. - Kimberley Coast, 2016
The trip was outstanding and I would have happily turned around and done it all again.
Ken M., Western Australia - Kimberley Coast, 2016