Daily Excursions - Kimberley Coast

Discover more on our expedition cruises to the Kimberley Coast.

Be transported to an extraordinary land of red rocks, white sandy beaches and azure blue waters – and experience it all up close as we land ashore for our daily Kimberley excursions.

This is a place of wild natural diversity, where a seemingly impenetrable coastline hides a wealth of natural wonders and a cultural history dating back more than 40,000 years. You will be deeply immersed in this vast and remote biosphere reserve, where turquoise waters teem with marine life, seabird colonies flourish in the nutrient-rich environment, and rare and unusual plants abound. Visit ancient indigenous rock paintings hidden high in natural cave galleries, swim in lily-fringed rock pools framed by towering cliffs and spectacular cascading waterfalls, and discover hidden valleys, where giant tides roar through narrow clefts. 

In true expedition style, we will allow our curiosity to take us in unexpected directions, discovering secret places that few have been privileged to see, helping to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of this unique and timeless land as its story slowly unfolds before your eyes.

I could not speak more highly of Chris and Alasdair. Their knowledge and experience was wonderful and I don't think other tours could match them. A wonderful experience for us all.
Tim L., Australia - Kimberley Coast, 2016
We were left spellbound & yearning more by our expedition team of modern day explorers led by Mike Cusack. Their deep enthusiasm and passion for this magnificent corner Australian is infectious!
Leanne M. - Kimberley Coast, 2016
The trip was outstanding and I would have happily turned around and done it all again.
Ken M., Western Australia - Kimberley Coast, 2016