Mitchell Falls Heli-flight

During your Kimberley cruises, we will attempt to rendezvous with helicopters on the coast to fly up to the Mitchell Plateau to enjoy an amazing birds-eye view of these lush falls.

Price for flights start from approximately $550 per person. Full details and bookings will be taken onboard.

WATCH - Catch a glimpse of the Mitchell Falls Heli-flight experience below.

The trip was outstanding and I would have happily turned around and done it all again.
Ken M., Western Australia - Kimberley Coast, 2016
This was the realisation of a long held dream of seeing the Kimberley Coastal/River regions. That the trip exceeded expectations is thanks entirely to Aurora's planning and personnel.
Richard G., Kimberley Coast, 2015
I could not speak more highly of Chris and Alasdair. Their knowledge and experience was wonderful and I don't think other tours could match them. A wonderful experience for us all.
Tim L., Australia - Kimberley Coast, 2016