Our Arctic Activities

Increase your level of adventure with one of our optional Arctic activities!

Simply visiting the Arctic and going ashore to be surrounded by wildlife and history is an exciting experience. However, our optional Arctic cruise activities offer added adventure opportunities, some even suitable for even the tamest of souls.  

Photography workshops offer a soft adventure option, whilst kayaking, snorkelling and diving offer more extreme explorations of the European Arctic.

Find out more about our optional Arctic activities below.

  • Sea Kayaking

    From AU$1,050 pp

    Kayaking in the far-flung corners of the world is an experience guaranteed to refresh your soul. Paddling in small groups, you'll glide between ice floes, brash ice and icebergs dotted with wildlife.

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  • All of our expeditions and itineraries offer fantastic photography experiences, however on selected expeditions we offer specialised photography workshops with our expert photography guides.

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  • Scuba Diving

    From AU$1,100 pp

    Go beyond the average adventure and delve deep into the waters of Antarctica and the Arctic exploring dive sites where no one has gone before. Available to experienced dry-suit divers only.

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  • Polar Snorkelling

    From AU$740 pp

    No experience needed! This is your chance to don a dry-suit and take the ultimate plunge into the icy waters of Antarctica and the Arctic for an up-close underwater experience. Not for the faint-hearted!

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  • New to our 2019 Arctic program! Experienced climbers can explore the remote and rugged summits of East Greenland on a rock climbing adventure!

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We had an absolutely awesome Arctic adventure with Aurora. Loved it!
T. Solomons. Svalbard Odyssey, 2015
I wanted to see "A" polar bear in its natural habitat, the expedition went beyond my wildest dreams. To see so much wild life and particularly "23" polar bears, I had tears in my eyes just seeing the first one!! The bonus and I still cannot believe it, to see a blue whale.
M. Johnston - Svalbard Odyssey, 2016
We cannot thank you enough and know well that the experiences our 3 children had with Aurora will change their lives, their understanding of the world and their place in it.
Cressida Mort - Across the Arctic Circle, 2015