Expeditions - PNG (Papua New Guinea Cruises)

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Awaken to a lush, tropical island fringed by pristine, white-sand beaches. Rainforest-clad slopes rise to an active volcano. Paddles swish in crystal clear waters as hundreds of outrigger canoes bring local people keen to lead us back to their home. Luminescent smiles, outstretched hands – the warmth of our first contact is overwhelming.

In exotic Papua New Guinea, cultural wealth is displayed in the pageantry of sing-sings, complex rituals, and spectacular costumes. Our anthropologist sheds light on the ceremonial exchange system – the Kula Ring – and throughout the islands we find a lively trade in weaving, woodwork and masks.

Our naturalist reveals Papua New Guinea’s rainforest as a hothouse of biological diversity, its coral reefs the most vibrant on Earth. Wherever we land on these remote, rarely visited islands, we sense we step back in time. Some call it a Garden of Eden, others a tropical paradise, but we will all be touched by the honest generosity of its people.

Aurora Expeditions' Papua New Guinea expeditions is run as part of our Aurora Partnership Program.

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