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What activities can you actually do in Antarctica?

When you visit Antarctica there is more to do than just looking at majestic icebergs and spotting seals and penguins. In fact, the activities we offer on voyages will immerse you in the polar continent in a way that will take your breath away. 

Our top ten Antarctic activities guide walks you through what’s on offer and the experience level required. But don’t worry, there’s something for everyone and with the highest ratio of expedition team leaders to guests you’ll be in good hands and will develop new skills at any level. 

Antarctica activities

Shackleton's Crossing

What an opportunity to embark on Shackleton’s Crossing! Retracing the footsteps of an Antarctic explorer. Sir Ernest Shackleton was a pioneer in Antarctic exploration between 1901 and 1921. You now have the opportunity to make the historic alpine expedition across South Georgia either on foot or on skis. You’ll discover intricate glaciers and incredible scenery. 

The Polar Plunge

The Polar Plunge is an ice-bath experience like no other, a time-worn tradition and a celebrated (optional) rite of passage for Antarctic travellers. This activity is just what it says, a plunge into the polar waters. And while it’s not for everyone, those who have done it say it’s a challenge that gives you feelings of immense pride and achievement.

“It’s a crazy challenge and it goes so fast,” said Alex who jumped into the water in South Georgia. “I am usually so afraid of the cold water at the beach so this was a big achievement for me. It really encouraged me to push my boundaries and realise if I could do this, then I could do anything!”

What a way to get your blood and heart pumping, it is a truly unique experience jumping into the ocean surrounded by icebergs.

The Polar Plunge is supervised by the ship’s doctor and expedition team, there’s also a professional photographer on hand to make sure there’s proof to match your bragging rights.

Alpine Trekking & Climbing

Alpine trekking and climbing is your chance to take on the peaks like a true Antarctic explorer. This is your chance to climb spectacular peaks, trek over technical alpine passes and go ice-climbing. You’ll experience every sense come to life as you not only trek but also smell, touch and see some of the most beautiful landscapes and landforms on earth, and not a single other sole in site. 


Sea kayaking in the Antarctic is a sleek and silent way to move around and explore the wild coastlines. When you’re in one of our kayaks, it’s the closest thing to being part of the environment than actually being in the water. The best part is it’s an activity that is perfect for any skill level. You can even practice locally before your trip to familiarise yourself with the craft. 

Join our expert kayak guides and learn about the mysteries and magic of the most southern seascapes and their inhabitants. 

Ski & Snowboard Touring

Ski and snowboard touring in Antarctica is a bucket-list item for sure. Forget the packed resorts, if you’re an experienced skier or snowboarder, this is a must-do activity for you. It’s like a back-country expedition like nothing else on earth. It’s just you and nine other people plus your guide. 

Tour the remote snow-capped peaks and glaciers in Antarctica and South Georgia with our expedition team on these incredible day trips. 

Antarctic Skiing


Snowshoeing doesn’t require any experience, it’s an experience in itself. Join this activity and undergo a short training session before you and the group confidently head off through Antarctica’s slopes. Our expert guides will lead you to some of Antarctica’s best vantage points where you’ll be able to take in some of the best scenery on the planet.  

Scuba Diving

Aurora Expeditions pioneered commercial Scuba diving in Antarctica after offering the first dive trip to the South Pole in 1998. Since then this activity has continued to thrive. It’s your unforgettable opportunity to be completely immersed in glaciers, icebergs and marine life. There really is nothing like it.  

Our expert dive guides have over 20 years of experience down here and are able to have the experience of a lifetime. This activity requires participants to have a proven and extensive level of experience to be undertaken. 

Camping in Antarctica

Leave the comfort of the ship for the night and take part in one of our most popular activities, camping on the ice. You have the chance to spend the night on the ice, camping in Antarctica! There is nothing quite like the southern sky at night.  There is no camping experience required because we believe Antarctic camping is enjoyed without tents. All you need is a camping mat and thermal sleeping bag so you can take in the environment in the best way possible – uninterrupted.

Ice camping in Antarctica


Ever wanted to see how big an iceberg really is below the surface? Snorkelling Antarctica will not be like any other snorkelling you’ve ever done. Floating in the crystal clear waters with our expert guides, you’ll be completely at one with the surroundings. You’ll be taken to shipwrecks, sheltered bays, off shore islands and witness wildlife all around you. All your gear is provided including drysuits, gloves, hoods, fins, masks and snorkels. 

Guided Hikes

It’s time to get off the ship and stretch your legs. On our guided hikes we explore historic ruins, stroll pristine beaches, trek through lush wilderness areas, admire local flora and fauna and scale heights to take in spectacular vistas. There is so much to see and learn about human exploration in the Antarctic region.  


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