Kimberley Cruises - Expeditions to The Kimberley Coast

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Hold tight as we blast through standing waves, skirt whirlpools and climb into the flooded valley above the Horizontal Waterfall, on one of our exciting Kimberley cruises. Sit breathless as a saltwater crocodile glides silently towards our Zodiac, eyes shining ruby in the spotlight. Hike past boab trees, spinifex and broken ‘hard rock’ country to admire the world’s oldest rock paintings. Thrill to the cries of a thousand seabird chicks as their parents return to feed them. This is the way to cruise the Kimberley; Australia’s most exotic and unforgettable wilderness.

Our small Coral Princess cruise ship carries us through a maritime frontier explored by Maccassan fisherman, Arab, Chinese and Dutch traders. Our expedition-style Kimberley coast cruises explore a maze of nearly 3000 islands enticing us along the coast between Broome and Darwin. We explore the world’s most pristine mangrove forests, the birthing grounds for the largest population of humpback whales, a landscape little changed in a billion years and galleries of ancient rock paintings.

On our Kimberley cruise we will visit the Lacepede Islands, crossing turtle-tracked beaches to photograph thousands of breeding seabirds. Our unique Coral Princess cruises will explore remarkable Montogomery Reef, exploring narrow channels filled with turtles, rays and sharks, as waterfalls form with the falling tide. On Bigge Island we feel the haunting wonder of both Wandjina and Gwion Gwion (Bradshaw) paintings. You also have the chance to witness the 80-metre, uninterrupted cascade of King Georges Falls, the tallest waterfall in Western Australia.

Unlike other Broome cruises or regular Broome to Darwin tours, our guides – the best in the business – are keen to share their knowledge, secret spots and favourite Kimberley travel experiences, from refreshing cascades showering swimming holes, to outcrops home to rock wallabies and the Kimberley rose.

Join us on our expedition cruises to the Kimberley and venture back to the dawn of time.

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For more information on the Kimberley visit our Kimberley Wiki page.

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