Expeditions - European Arctic (Scotland | Norway | Spitsbergen | Greenland)

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The European Arctic Experience

The high Arctic summer brings a sense of urgency, and the best way to experience its wonders is on an exciting expedition Arctic cruise.

Like the Inuits and Vikings who preceded us, our Arctic trips are explorations by sea. In our small polar cruise ship, we chase the Gulf Stream’s warm currents up Scotland and Norway’s coasts to Spitsbergen, then sail the icy waters to Greenland, Iceland and back again.

A short season of long days, the Arctic summer offers sunsets that linger until dawn, snowmelt feeding waterfalls and glaciers that drop massive icebergs into the sea. Whether calving from Svalbard’s vast glacier fronts or squeezing into Greenland’s deep fjords, mesmerising icebergs of every shape and aqua hue can be seen. From Scottish seaports to Norwegian and Icelandic fishing towns, the adventure base of Longyearbyen to Inuit villages of East Greenland, we enjoy a wide range of history and local culture.

Now with more Arctic cruises to choose from, holidays to the Arctic have never been more exciting. Whether you join us for a single voyage, or link back-to-back Arctic tours for a more in-depth exploration, your Arctic holiday will be a wilderness adventure you’ll never forget!


our expedition ship-photo by Carol Hall

Our European Arctic expeditions are operated on our small expedition ship, Polar Pioneer. Dwarfed by larger vessels, our ship is small enough to go where others can’t.We carry a maximum of 54 passengers and delight in the camaraderie of small group adventures. Fewer people often means more landings, and more intimate and personal experiences.


Arctic wildlife

Puffins flap in with beaks full of fish, guillemots drop, penguin-like, from cliffs – then fly! A million little auks rise like smoke and darken the sky. Humpbacks, fin and minke whales swim north to feed, sharing open leads in pack ice with narwhals and walrus. Polar bears hunt seals to fatten their cubs – a memorable Arctic travel experience!


Daily shore landings

We believe that Arctic travel is best appreciated by travelling in our Zodiacs, which carry us ashore for wildflower walks across luxuriant tundra, to search for trappers’ camps and historical sites. We cruise beneath soaring bird cliffs, beside breath-taking icebergs, and perhaps close enough to see a whale-blow.


Activities - Photo by Carol Hall

If you have ever dreamed of paddling across the top of the world, well here’s your chance! Sea kayaking is offered on all of our cruises to the Arctic. Paddle Scotland’s booming basalt caves, Norway’s magical fjords or Spitsbergen and Greenland’s towering glaciers. Polar photography workshops are also offering on selected voyages.


New for 2015! Each passengers travelling to the Arctic will receive our brand new polar expedition jackets included with your voyage.

Designed exclusively for Aurora Expeditions, the 2-in-1 jacket offers sophisticated expedition styling and includes all of the important features for travelling to the polar regions.


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