Expeditions to Ecuador's Amazon, Andes & Galápagos

From the Amazon Basin to Andean cloud forests, snow-clad Avenue of Volcanoes to the incomparable Galápagos Islands, our Ecuador itineraries allow you to explore this equatorial nation’s wildest corners.

Trek and canoe through pristine Amazon rainforest in search of red howler monkeys, river otters, anacondas and spectacular birdlife.  Hike through Andean cloud forest, amidst orchids and waterfall, butterflies and hummingbirds or pedal a Sky Bike through the rainforest canopy. Our small expedition vessel, Isabela II carries us through the diverse Galápagos archipelago to exquisite beaches with nesting sea turtles, sun bathing seal lions and marine iguanas. Snorkel, swim and photograph the exquisite wildlife that define evolution.

Join us on a monumental adventure through one of South America's most diverse and inspiring countries! Which of our incredible expedition itineraries will you want to join?

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Ecuador Expeditions

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  • Galápagos Odyssey

    9 DAYS from US$7,100

    Get up-close with the extraordinary biodiversity, geological marvels and unique wildlife of the Galápagos Islands on our NEW small-ship cruising adventure! 

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    Expedition - Build Your Ecuador Adventure!

    Build Your Ecuador Adventure!

    Flexible dates from 2016 – 2018. Request a quote.

    Amazonia, Cloud Forests or the Galápagos. Fantastic wilderness and wildlife sanctuaries await, choose from three of Ecuador’s richest regions to create your own adventure!

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  • Ecuador In Depth

    20 DAYS from US$13,500

    Fantastic wilderness and wildlife sanctuaries await you on this 20-day journey featuring three of Ecuador's richest regions. 

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The Ship - Isabela II

The Isabela II offers enriching wildlife encounters whether amid the Galapagos' haunting volcanic landscapes or beneath the waves of its marine reserve. 

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Amazon Sacha Lodge

Sitting on the banks of Ecuador’s Rio Napo (Nap River) is Sacha Lodge – a traditional-style lodge from where we base ourselves for our true jungle adventure. Located just over a two-hour boat ride from the nearest port,…


Casa Gangotena Quito

Casa Gangotena is Aurora Expeditions' preferred hotel for pre and post-voyage accommodation. Stay in the beautiful historic mansion located by Plaza San Francisco, one of South America's richest colonial centres.…


Mashpi Lodge – Ecuador’s Cloud Forests

Along the western flanks of the Andes lies Ecuador’s Cloud Forests – a secret world of tropical forests sitting high on the steep slopes of the Andes ranges. A biodiverse-delight, the region offers close to 500 varieties…


Your Exclusive Photo Book

Aurora Expeditions are pleased to provide you with a complimentary photo book memento of your trip to help your adventure last a lifetime. On your return home you will receive a printed Photo Journal of your…