European Arctic Expeditions

The Arctic summer brings a sense of urgency, and the best way to experience its wonders is on an exciting Arctic expedition cruise.

Like the Inuits and Vikings who preceded us, our Arctic trips are explorations by sea. In our small polar cruise ship, we chase the Gulf Stream’s warm currents up Scotland and Norway’s coasts to Spitsbergen, then sail the icy waters to Greenland, Iceland and back again.

A short season of long days, the Arctic summer offers sunsets that linger until dawn, snowmelt feeding waterfalls and glaciers that drop massive icebergs into the sea. Whether calving from Svalbard’s vast glacier fronts or squeezing into Greenland’s deep fjords, mesmerising icebergs of every shape and aqua hue can be seen. From Scottish seaports to Norwegian and Icelandic fishing towns, the adventure base of Longyearbyen to Inuit villages of East Greenland, we enjoy a wide range of history and local culture.

Now with more Arctic cruises to choose from, expeditions to the Arctic have never been more exciting. Whether you join us for a single voyage, or link back-to-back Arctic tours for a more in-depth exploration, your Arctic holiday will be a wilderness adventure you’ll never forget!



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European Arctic Expeditions

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  • Across the Arctic Circle - Scotland, Norway & Spitsbergen

    14 DAYS from AU$7,300 per person

    Sail from Scotland’s rugged northern coast up to Norway’s picturesque coastline, before crossing the Arctic Circle and reach the wildlife oasis of Spitsbergen, home to the mighty polar bear!

    Expedition Dates


    02 Jul to 15 Jul

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  • Spitsbergen Odyssey

    11 DAYS from AU$7,200 per person

    Circumnavigate Spitsbergen and experience a world filled with deep shimmering fjords, polar deserts, old whaling settlements and magnificent wildlife, including the mighty polar bear.

    Expedition Dates


    07 Jul to 17 Jul

    17 Jul to 27 Jul

    27 Jul to 06 Aug


    15 Jul to 25 Jul

    25 Jul to 04 Aug

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  • Jewels of the Arctic

    14 days from AU$8,900 per person

    Halfway between Spitsbergen and Iceland, East Greenland’s coastline invites you to explore its breathtaking environment made of the world’s largest icebergs, welcoming Inuit communities and diverse fauna and flora.

    Expedition Dates


    06 Aug to 19 Aug

    19 Aug to 01 Sep


    04 Aug to 17 Aug

    17 Aug to 30 Aug

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    Expedition - Arctic Complete - Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland

    Arctic Complete - Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland

    24 DAYS from AU$14,490 per person

    Combine two exciting Arctic itineraries into one 24-day adventure! From the wildlife oasis of Spitsbergen to Greenland’s iceberg fantasia, make your Arctic expedition complete (and save!).

    Expedition Dates


    27 Jul to 19 Aug


    25 Jul to 17 Aug

    17 Aug to 09 Sep

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  • NEW IN 2019!

    Expedition - Northern Svalbard Explorer

    Northern Svalbard Explorer

    11 DAYS from AU$7,200 per person

    Autumn offers us a chance to explore northern Svalbard, where reindeer feast on Arctic berries, walrus haul out on pack ice, and the polar bear reigns supreme.

    Expedition Dates


    30 Aug to 09 Sep

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The Ship - Polar Pioneer

Take a closer look at Polar Pioneer, your home-away-from-home as we cruise to polar regions. Offering accommodation for just 54 passengers, she features a range of cabin and suite options as well as great viewing platforms for the ultimate polar adventure!

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Extras on your trip

Your Expedition Jacket

Your Polar Expedition Jacket Each passenger aboard our Antarctic and Arctic expeditions will receive an expedition jacket when you board the ship. Designed exclusively for Aurora Expeditions, the 2-in-1 jacket offers…

Extras on your trip

Your Exclusive Photo Book

Expedition Photo Book Aurora Expeditions are pleased to provide you with a complimentary photo book memento of your trip to help your adventure last a lifetime. On your return home you will receive a printed Photo…

I wanted to see "A" polar bear in its natural habitat, the expedition went beyond my wildest dreams. To see so much wild life and particularly "23" polar bears, I had tears in my eyes just seeing the first one!! The bonus and I still cannot believe it, to see a blue whale.
M. Johnston - Spitsbergen Odyssey, 2016
Every one was superb; kind, caring, approachable, responsible, capable, sensible, intelligent and above all loads of fun
Jenny Hunter - Across the Arctic Circle, 205
The trip was more than I expected, I describe it to friends as waking to a different David Attenborough program every day, but better.
T. Johnston, Spitsbergen Odyssey, 2016