Antarctica Expeditions (Antarctic Peninsula | South Georgia | Falkland Islands)

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The Antarctica Experience

From South America, it takes less than two days’ sailing, or two hours’ flying, to enter a world that fills the heart, overloads the senses and imprints your memory forever.

The Antarctic Peninsula’s west coast offers ice-clad peaks towering over a maze of protected channels; the east coast a vast icecap and strange, fossil-rich islands. From spring to fall, this stunning landscape becomes furious with life as penguins, seals, petrels, and whales arrive to feed and breed. Follow in Shackleton’s wake along the Scotia Arc, from Elephant Island to South Georgia to discover a wildlife oasis like no other.

Whether you attempt to sail south of the Antarctic Circle, be awed by tabular icebergs in the Weddell Sea or trek across the interior of South Georgia, Antarctica and South Georgia offer the best of adventures and wildlife encounters.


Watch our short film about Antarctica and South Georgia and discover the best of our small-ship expeditions. From Zodiac cruising along the Antarctic Peninsula to observing fascinating wildlife, our expert team guide you on a magical journey and show you what you need to know about travelling on our expedition cruises to Antarctica!


All of our Antarctic expeditions are on board our small 54-passenger expedition vessel, Polar Pioneer. Less people means more solitude and greater flexibility if tides, currents, ice or weather dictate a schedule change. Because we have less people to ferry ashore, we often make more landings, with all passengers able to land and explore at the same time.


Antarctica’s wildlife is its true jewel, showing life’s hardiness and versatility in the most inhospitable and remote continent of the world. Penguins go about their day, baby seals playfully approach you without fear, leopard seals quizzically circle our Zodiacs and we encounter humpbacks, orcas and minkes.


Each day we plan to visit historic huts, whaling sites, scientific bases and set foot on the Antarctic continent. Enjoy magical Zodiac trips among sculpted icebergs and majestic snowy mountains, thrill to unexpected encounters with leopard seals and whales or visits to large penguin rookeries.


Adding even more adventure to your experience, our range of polar activities will surely keep you busy whilst in Antarctica! Across our various itineraries we offer the option to camp, kayak, climb, scuba dive, snorkel, improve your photography or simply enjoy being amongst the most accepting wildlife on Earth. Check the voyage info to find out what activity is offered or click here to read more about our activities.


Our popular Fly/Sail expeditions offer more time in Antarctica and South Georgia, and less time getting there! It also removes one sea leg, appealing to those who’d prefer just one Drake Passage crossing. Depending on the voyage, you can choose to fly in from Santiago or Punta Arenas Chile, or fly out from the Falkland’s capital, Stanley, or King George Island, right at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.


Our new Antarctic gateway is Chile’s ‘Town at the End of the World’. Snuggled between the Beagle Channel and the Dientes de Navarino mountains, Puerto Williams offers easy access to the natural wonders nearby. A selection of our Antarctic cruises start or finish in Puerto Williams and include a spectacular flight over the rarely seen mountain scape and a complimentary town tour.


From our 2014/15 Antarctic season all our passengers will receive our brand new polar expedition jackets, as a complimentary inclusion in your voyage.
Designed exclusively for Aurora Expeditions, the 2-in-1 jacket offers sophisticated expedition styling and includes all of the important features for travelling to Antarctica.


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