Antarctica Expeditions

From South America, it takes less than two days’ sailing, or two hours’ flying, to enter a world that fills the heart, overloads the senses and imprints your memory forever.

The Antarctic Peninsula’s west coast offers ice-clad peaks towering over a maze of protected channels; the east coast a vast icecap and strange, fossil-rich islands. From spring to fall, this stunning landscape becomes furious with life as penguins, seals, petrels, and whales arrive to feed and breed. Follow in Shackleton’s wake along the Scotia Arc, from Elephant Island to South Georgia to discover a wildlife oasis like no other.

Whether you attempt to sail south of the Antarctic Circle, be awed by tabular icebergs in the Weddell Sea or trek across the interior of South Georgia, Antarctica and South Georgia offer the best of adventures and wildlife encounters.

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Antarctica Expeditions

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    Expedition - Weddell Sea & Antarctic Explorer

    Weddell Sea & Antarctic Explorer

    12 DAYS from US$8,725 pp

    One of the wildest and most isolated parts of the Antarctic Peninsula, the ice-filled Weddell Sea boasts huge tabular icebergs, fossil-rich islands and large penguin colonies for you to explore!

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    Expedition - In Shackleton’s Footsteps

    In Shackleton’s Footsteps

    18 DAYS from US$14,300 pp FLY/SAIL

    Late summer offers the best chance to chart a course through the Weddell Sea’s shifting pack ice and vast tabular bergs, where Shackleton’s ship Endurance was trapped and crushed.

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    Expedition - Spirit of Antarctica

    Spirit of Antarctica

    12 DAYS from US$8,500 pp

    Get ready for an early-summer adventure to Antarctica, jam-packed with pristine icy landscapes, busy wildlife and many daily excursions and activities!

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    Expedition - Antarctic Explorer

    Antarctic Explorer

    11 Days from US$9,500 pp FLY/SAIL

    With only one sea crossing this new FLY/SAIL voyage, you'll enjoy the very best of the Antarctic Peninsula and the spectacular, yet isolated Weddell Sea.

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  • Across the Antarctic Circle

    11 DAYS from US$8,725 pp FLY/SAIL

    Celebrate crossing latitude 66° 33' South in the wake of hallowed explorers and experience a world of powerful whales, shimmering mountain ranges and mesmerising icebergs.

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    Expedition - In-Depth South Georgia & Antarctica

    In-Depth South Georgia & Antarctica

    20 DAYS from US$14,300 pp

    Taking in the best of Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, this 20-day expedition is for those who want to truly experience this spectacular part of the world.

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  • South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey

    18 DAYS from US$14,300 pp

    Throughout long summer days, discover wildlife-rich South Georgia, step foot on the magnificent Antarctic Peninsula and retrace Ernest Shackleton's epic journey from Elephant Island.

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  • Sub-Antarctic Safari

    15 Days from US$10,900 pp

    NEW! Explore the wildlife sanctuaries of the Falkland Islands/Malvinas and South Georgia on this brand new sub-Antarctic sailing adventure, including exclusive photography workshops.

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The Ship - Polar Pioneer

Take a closer look at Polar Pioneer, your home-away-from-home as we cruise to polar regions. Offering accommodation for just 54 passengers, she features a range of cabin and suite options as well as great viewing platforms for the ultimate polar adventure!

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Your Exclusive Photo Book

Aurora Expeditions are pleased to provide you with a complimentary photo book memento of your trip to help your adventure last a lifetime. On your return home you will receive a printed Photo Journal of your…


The Antarctic Fly/Sail Experience

Aurora Expeditions’ Antarctic ‘Fly/Sail Experience’ offers you more time in Antarctica and South Georgia, and less time getting there. We have swapped one sea leg for a short two-hour flight, appealing to those who’d…


Your Expedition Jacket

Each passenger aboard our Antarctic and Arctic expeditions will recieve an expedition jacket when you board the ship. Designed exclusively for Aurora Expeditions, the 2-in-1 jacket offers sophisticated expedition-styling…

We don't usually go on organised tours. Of course Antarctica had to be an exception. I am glad we chose Aurora, everything was great.
D. Cotogno, Alaska, USA - Across the Antarctic Circle, 2016
A truly magnificent voyage.
Ian Calder, UK - In Shackleton’s Footsteps, 2016
It really was a wonderful trip and the most amazing adventure of our life.
Tony Cooper - South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey, 2015