Kimberley on-board Art Auction...

Our historian and on-board artist Alasdair McGregor successully auctions off two of his Kimberley artworks for charity whilst onboard Coral Princess.

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Ecuador Expeditions

From deep within the Amazon Basin, where rainforest tribes keep traditions alive, to the Avenue of Volcanoes, and down to the wildlife-rich Galapagos Islands…

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PNG Expeditions

Warriors brandish bows and arrows, clubs and sharp spears, then warmly welcome us into their village. We snorkel in clear tropical waters, floating gently above rich coral reefs...

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Antarctic Expeditions - The Aurora Way

Why travel with Aurora Expeditions?

1. With over 200 voyages to Antarctica alone, we put the spirit in adventure and exploration by travelling to some of the most wild and remote areas in the world.

2. Our small ships carry only 54 passengers, allowing you to have a truly intimate experience with nature.

3. Our expedition staff are experienced, enthusiastic and among the best in the industry – they are our secret to success.

4. We push the boundaries of expedition cruising! Flexible itineraries , Zodiac landings , an ‘open bridge’ policy, onboard lectures and optional adventure activities such as sea kayaking, scuba diving, photography, climbing and camping!

5. We are proud to be the first Australian member of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) and Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO).

6. We are deeply committed to education and preservation of the environment, respectfully visiting these wilderness areas, creating lifelong ambassadors for their protection.

7. We love what we do! We are dedicated to providing a 'trip of lifetime' whilst ensuring the safety and well being of our passengers, crew and expedition staff.

Whether you travel on one of our Antarctica cruises, Arctic cruises or even our PNG and Kimberley cruises you will be expedition cruising, the Aurora way.

Our small, expedition-style Antarctic cruises are the best way to explore this incredible last frontier and as our past passengers will testify, our trips provide premium Antarctica travel experiences.

Whether you come face-to-face with a polar bear on an Arctic cruise; meet the local warriors in Papua New Guinea; are one of the first to explore a remote Russian island; or find yourself surrounded by hundreds of nesting penguins on an Antarctica cruise, our versatile itineraries allow all our expeditions, including our onshore Antarctic tours, to be individual and unique.

The choice is easy – when it comes to your next Kimberley, Papua New Guinea, Russian, Arctic or Antarctica tours – expedition-cruising, the Aurora way, will open your eyes to a world of discovery.