Explore the Mystery & Wilderness of the Russian Far East

“We believe people travel with Aurora Expeditions because they want to really experience the places we take them to, they want to feel and be immersed the natural world. That’s what you get when you visit the Russian Far East. It’s remained a place unto itself and protected maybe more than anywhere else on earth, it’s nature in its purest form,” says Howard Whelan who lead the first Aurora Expeditions trip to the Russian Far East. 

Exploration and adventure is at the core of what we do and it has taken us to the furthest parts of the earth since Greg Mortimer started commercial expeditions to Antarctica 30 years ago. It was this true sense of adventure that also took him to the Russian Far East. For over a decade we have been taking people looking for real, raw and wild experiences to one of the last remaining truly remote corners of the globe.  

Now it’s your chance to join our expert guides and expedition team as we venture to one of the planet’s least explored destinations. Discover this region of immense natural beauty and fascinating human history. 

With savings of up to 20%* on our expeditions, you can immerse yourself in the extraordinary landscapes, frozen icescapes, lava fields and coniferous forests that make up this land of extremes.

Along the Kamchatka coast, experience unforgettable wildlife encounters, tread carefully on tundra sprinkled with colourful flowers and meet indigenous communities proud to welcome you to their village. 

In the Kuril Islands, soak your weary muscles in natural hot springs, Zodiac cruise in the shadows of volcanos and follow the tracks in search of Kamchatka brown bears. Or why not journey high up above the Arctic Circle to visit Wrangel Island, a protected nature reserve that is home to the highest density of polar bear dens and the largest population of Pacific walrus in the world!

With 130-140 passengers on board our purpose-built small ships, our expeditions are designed to get you closer to nature whilst being truly committed to respectful and environmentally responsible travel.

“Our expedition team loves to have fun and we have a desire to keep looking around the next corner wherever we are,” says Howard. “We want to transfer that sense of curiosity, the exhilaration of discovery and adventure to our expeditioners to give them the most wholesome and rewarding experience, something they can return home with – that’s what makes us different.”

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