Tarn Pilkington

Climbing Guide

Tarn works year round in the outdoors of NZ and is qualified as an IFMGA Mountain and Ski guide. Since visiting Antarctica for the first time in 1994 he has returned over 15 times and admits to being completely addicted. 

He is based in Queenstown NZ, his home of 25 years. Tarn spends the winter months heli skiing and ski touring and during the long South Island Summers he guides and works on film and television productions as a safety officer. He is also contracted as the Crew Chief for the local Air Ambulance service and volunteers for the local Alpine Cliff Rescue Team.

In his spare time, Tarn gets out on his mountain bike or skis as much as possible to explore his home patch in the beautiful southern lakes of the South Island.

Tarn's Expeditions

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    Expedition - Jewels of the Arctic

    Jewels of the Arctic

    13/14/15 DAYS from AU$12,000 per person

    Halfway between Spitsbergen and Iceland, East Greenland’s coastline invites you to explore its breathtaking environment made of the world’s largest icebergs, welcoming Inuit communities and diverse fauna and flora.

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  • Save up to 10%*

    Expedition - Spirit of Antarctica

    Spirit of Antarctica

    12 DAYS from US$10,500 per person

    Get ready for a classic Antarctic adventure, jam-packed with pristine icy landscapes, busy wildlife and many excursions and activities! *ANP127G, ANP128G & ANP129G aboard Greg Mortimer are sail only voyages.

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