Stephen Anstee

Expedition Leader, Assistant Expedition Leader

Stephen was born and raised mostly in Australia, but fascination for travel and other cultures came after spending a few years in Fiji at a young age. A degree in surveying took him to the SE China Sea before extensive worldwide travels led him to settle in Canada. Having grown up in and around boats he later made a lifestyle change into marine wilderness tourism which has satisfied his fascination for wildlife and enjoyment of sharing it with others. Since 1996, Stephen has operated a wide variety of vessels from 92' schooners on multi day wilderness tourism and extensive research trips to a small ferry doing short mountain lake cruises. He has spent many seasons in Antarctica and the Arctic occupying various roles, always sharing his knowledge and love for the environment. Sailing has been Stephenís lifelong pastime and he and his wife have completed two Pacific Ocean crossings. On their return journey to Australia, they had the chance to explore many of the Pacificís marine mammals and endemic shorebirds. After relocating back onto dry land, Stephen and his wife have set up in Tasmania and are enjoying exploring the island state's rich wilderness by foot, kayak or bicycle. They also spend time care-taking remote properties for the National Park Service. 

Stephen's Destinations

Stephen's Expeditions

  • Svalbard Odyssey

    11 DAYS from AU$7,200 per person

    Circumnavigate Spitsbergen and experience a world filled with deep shimmering fjords, polar deserts, old whaling settlements and magnificent wildlife, including the mighty polar bear.

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    Expedition - South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey

    South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey

    18/20/21 DAYS from US$15,600 pp

    Throughout long summer days, discover wildlife-rich South Georgia, step foot on the magnificent Antarctic Peninsula and retrace Ernest Shackleton's epic journey from Elephant Island.

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    Expedition - Across the Antarctic Circle

    Across the Antarctic Circle

    11/12/13 DAYS from US$9,100 pp FLY/SAIL

    Celebrate crossing latitude 66° 33' South in the wake of hallowed explorers and experience a world of powerful whales, shimmering mountain ranges and mesmerising icebergs.

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    Expedition - In Shackleton’s Footsteps

    In Shackleton’s Footsteps

    18 DAYS from US$14,600 pp

    Late summer offers the best chance to chart a course through the Weddell Sea’s shifting pack ice and vast tabular bergs, where Shackleton’s ship Endurance was trapped and crushed.

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