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Sergei Andronov

Zodiac Manager

Sergei was born in a small village on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. He spent almost all his life on the water. At eight years old he got his first motor boat. As he got older, he went kayaking on the northern seas of Russia, the rivers of the Kola Peninsula and the lakes of Karelia. He has always loved the North, enthusiastically reading books about the Arctic and Antarctic explorers.

Sergei participated in ski marathons for 70 km and went more than once to the mountains of the Caucasus. He worked as a professional diver and a few years on tugboats. Sergei also took part in commissioning and testing of new Arctic ice breakers. In 1998, he came to Svalbard for the first time and worked there for two years non-stop.

“Fabulous Svalbard has changed my life. I believed that someday I’d return there”, says Sergei. And in 2008, he came back to work as a sailor and then as a boatswain on the Polar Pioneer, Aurora’s old vessel, where he met a wonderful team from Aurora Expeditions. “And then, for almost ten years together, I had a magical time of new discoveries, meeting new friends and fulfilling my dreams”.

This Antarctic season, Sergei joins us on our new ship, continuing to find new friendships and making his dreams come true.

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