Sappho Brothers

Assistant Expedition Leader

Growing up in beautiful Tasmania, and having already traveled extensively to many extraordinary places, it didn't take much for Sappho to join the Aurora Expeditions' team in 2011.

Since then she has remained part of the team on numerous voyages to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, East Antarctica, Macquarie Island, Scotland, Norway and the European Arctic; including some time in between to thaw out in Papua New Guinea.

With Antarctic exploration running in her family, Sappho recently joined her cousin as a crew member for a special BBC Antarctic expedition to film the Deadly 60’s Pole to Pole series.

Having completed a double major in Communications and Art History through Griffith University, Sappho now works in functions and events organisation at Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art. She also manages to find the time to put her yoga teaching qualifications to use, write, sing and play music, as well as work with her business partner (her sister) to prepare their health food van for one of Tasmania's many cultural events.

Sappho loves nothing more than to share her passion for the environment and experiences in remote and amazing places with Aurora Expeditions’ enthusiastic expeditioners aboard the Polar Pioneer.

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