Dr. Robyn Mundy

Deputy Expedition Leader

Assistant Expedition Leader Robyn Mundy has had no shortage of voyages to Antarctica, Svalbard, East Greenland, Scotland and Norway. This is Robyn's twentieth year of working with Aurora Expeditions and you will find her passion for wild places equals her enthusiasm to share what she knows and loves.

‘Seeing extraordinary moments unfold before our eyes - often when we least expect it - is an exhilarating part of every voyage. These magic moments keep us coming back.’

Robyn is at home on oceans and ships, driving Zodiacs, and working out of remote field huts and tents. She has summered and wintered in Antarctica, including a year as a research assistant at Mawson Station, much of it spent out on the sea ice working with emperor penguins.

Robyn and her partner Gary, lived for ten months on Tasmania’s remote Maatsuyker Island where they worked in isolation as weather observers and caretakers.

Robyn is author of the novels Wildlight, set on Maatsuyker Island, and The Nature of Ice, set in Antarctica. She is co-author of an illustrated young readers’ adventure book, Epic Adventure: Epic

When she is not plowing the high seas, Robyn lives in Tasmania where she writes, teaches and enjoys the island’s natural wonders.

Watch: Robyn shares her advice for people travelling to Antarctica

Robyn's Expeditions

  • Save up to 20%*

    Expedition - Svalbard Odyssey

    Svalbard Odyssey

    11/13 DAYS from AU$13,100 per person

    Circumnavigate Spitsbergen and experience a world filled with deep shimmering fjords, polar deserts, old whaling settlements and magnificent wildlife, including the mighty polar bear.

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  • Save up to 15%*

    Expedition - Jewels of the Arctic

    Jewels of the Arctic

    13/14/15 DAYS from AU$12,000 per person

    Halfway between Spitsbergen and Iceland, East Greenland’s coastline invites you to explore its breathtaking environment made of the world’s largest icebergs, welcoming Inuit communities and diverse fauna and flora.

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  • Save up to 15%*

    Expedition - Arctic Complete - Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland

    Arctic Complete - Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland

    23/25 DAYS from AU$14,670 per person

    Combine two exciting Arctic itineraries into one 25-day adventure! From the wildlife oasis of Spitsbergen to Greenland’s iceberg fantasia, make your Arctic expedition complete (and save!).

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  • Save up to 10%*

    Expedition - Spirit of Antarctica

    Spirit of Antarctica

    12 DAYS from US$10,500 per person

    Get ready for a classic Antarctic adventure, jam-packed with pristine icy landscapes, busy wildlife and many excursions and activities! *ANP127G, ANP128G & ANP129G aboard Greg Mortimer are sail only voyages.

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  • Save up to 15%*

    Expedition - South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey

    South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey

    21/22 DAYS from US$19,400 per person

    Throughout long summer days, discover wildlife-rich South Georgia, step foot on the magnificent Antarctic Peninsula and retrace Ernest Shackleton's epic journey from Elephant Island.

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