Matt Pauza


Pursuing a lifelong passion for wildlife and wild landscapes has seen Matt travel far and wide for the past 20 years, working as a Wildlife Biologist throughout Australia, the Pacific and the Polar Regions. Matt has spent much of his professional career running population monitoring and research programs on a wide range of wildlife, including turtles, frogs, bat, marsupials, seabirds and marine mammals, in remote field camps throughout Northern and Southern Australia, Papua New Guinea, the sub-Antarctic and the great white continent. Recently, Matt lead a small team with the Australian Antarctic Program for 2 years, undertaking research on the breeding success, foraging ecology and seasonal movements of various seabird and penguin species throughout east Antarctica. Living for months at a time where everyday tasks are dominated by the harsh Antarctic conditions, in complete isolation and surrounded by thousands of breeding penguins, the odd resident seal and pod of orca is an environment Matt thrives and feels at ease in.

Now settled in Tasmania and working as a Wildlife Biologist for the state government, Matt leads a number of conservation and research projects on the scattered offshore islands. Much of this work aims to restore these islands through the eradication of invasive pests and the recovery of seabird breeding colonies.

Matt brings an intimate knowledge and love for Antarctic wildlife to his work, which together with a friendly and energetic attitude, allows him to share is experiences with those around him.

Matt's Destinations