WINNER: World’s Best Expedition Cruise Line | 2023 World Cruise Awards

Kelli Mills

Kelli Mills Portrait
Sales Director Eastern USA & Canada

The travel industry and seeing the world was a lifelong interest for Kelli, having grown up along the east coast of the USA, surrounded by beaches and outdoor life.  

After attending college in Pittsburgh, USA with a focus on travel and tourism, she spent seven years as a travel consultant with a local retail chain. While in her next role as a BDM within an international host agency, she gained that first-hand knowledge of the travel agencies throughout different areas of the USA and Canada and enjoyed helping other advisors succeed. 

Her love of adventure and experiential travel led her to the supplier side of the industry, spending 4 years covering various areas of the USA and Canada as a sales director in expedition cruising.  

Looking to continue her career goals with sustainable tourism and responsible travel at the top of mind, Kelli was able to find her final home at Aurora Expeditions, a company that aligns with her core values.

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