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Joselyn Fenstermacher


Part outdoor experiential educator and part field biologist, Joselyn began her global education and travel feats at the age of 13. Since then, she has studied field biology in Tanzania and Ecuador, monitored brown bears in Alaska, worked with endangered birds in the forests of Hawaii, taught rock climbing and backpacking in North Carolina, surveyed rare plants in Texas, been employed as a chef and boat driver in the Adirondacks of New York, worked as a biologist and interpretive ranger at a variety of U.S. National Parks, trained in helicopter operations over Maui and deployed as a wildland firefighter in the western United States.

After earning a Master’s degree in Botany, this eclectic background helped her land a job working in support of the US Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station. She went on to spend several seasons on the ice, including two winters at the South Pole where she for a time, the world’s most southerly farmer! After volunteering to give several local tours for both the station community as well as visiting expedition cruise ships, it was a natural step to join the ship-based expedition world as a way to merge her passion for education and desire to experience more of Antarctica – and really the rest of the globe.

When not somewhere far afield with expedition work, back in the U.S, Joselyn spends most of her time in the Big Bend region of far western Texas where she enjoys guiding, botanising, and watching and listening to life go by in the Chihuahuan Desert from the porch of her off-grid, fancy camping home.

Joselyn is passionate about learning more about the world around her, and sharing that passion with others– hoping to inspire a broader appreciation for, and understanding of, the fascinating world we live in.

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