Jack Alscher

Junior Expedition Guide

Jack’s passion for the wilderness was sparked when he was 12, during an Aurora Expeditions voyage to the Hebrides, Scotland’s Orkney and Shetland Islands. Since then, he’s been lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to 6 of the 7 continents by the time he turned 18.

A keen enthusiast of the outdoors, trekking to Nepal’s Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu when he was 14 ranks as one of his most exciting adventures. Walking beneath sheer cliff faces and some of the highest mountains in the world was not only awe-inspiring, but an enriching experience in appreciating both the harshness of nature but also its immeasurable beauty.

Further voyages through Norway’s spectacular fjords and Spitsbergen in the High Arctic, and to the ecological wonder of the Galápagos in Ecuador only reaffirmed his passion for the ocean and wild places, and desire to share it with others.

A fluent French speaker, Jack is also enthusiastic about travelling, experiencing new adventures and meeting new people around the world.

Having been around the water since he was 6 months old, Jack competes in competitive ocean swims, and loves surfing, stand-up paddle-boarding & skiing. He also has a passion for writing.

Having worked in the Aurora Expeditions head office part-time since 2013, Jack spent his first season in Antarctica in 2018-19 working aboard the Polar Pioneer as a general assistant and in training to become an expedition guide. Jack is always eager to explore, chat, and share his love of remote places, and he’s excited to work aboard Aurora Expeditions new ship, the Greg Mortimer during its maiden season 2019-20.

Jack Alscher's Destinations