Edith Beaudoin

Sales Director – North America

My first solo exploration trip, I was 9 years old. Armed with my tiny backpack filled with a short rope, a bandaid and a peanut butter sandwich, I left a note to my sleeping parents and went to explore the world. Well, for a few hours. A little over 10 years later, I had a plane ticket in hand, a bigger backpack and I was hugging my parents for what we thought would be a few months apart. I stayed almost two years backpacking alone in South America, doing odd jobs when I had no more money to continue to explore and learn.

I’ve settled being relatively quiet in the ‘adult working world’ in International Trade in Quebec and later in Tourism – which I love – in Vancouver! Last year the itch was too great and again, I left for a new adventure for one year, helping poor regions in Central America. After talking with Robert, he sent me the Greg Mortimer launch video and the co-founder said ‘Each adventure starts with that first step outside the comfort zone… and there’s a little tingling feeling that goes with that.’ I knew that Aurora Expeditions was a match for my personality and passion! Looking forward to get Aurora known in North America!