Dr. John Kirkwood


John has been involved in polar and marine research for over 30 years, studying animals ranging from microscopic crustaceans to whales in both Antarctica and the Arctic. His love of travel and the natural world, as well as his passion for sharing his knowledge about the planet’s wild and wonderful places, makes well qualified to be an Aurora naturalist.

John worked as a Marine Biologist with the Australian Antarctic Division in the 1980’s as part of Australia’s first dedicated Antarctic marine science expedition, then completed a PhD on the ecology of an Antarctic fjord. He has since worked as a Lecturer at Griffith University, a Fisheries Scientist with the Queensland Government and a Senior Lecturer at The University of Queensland. John now works as a Science Manager, coordinating research, monitoring and management of the health of Gladstone Harbour.

Some of John’s other experiences over the years have included overwintering in Antarctica, conducting dugong research in Moreton Bay, under ice diving in Antarctica, leading marine eco-tours to the Great Barrier Reef and studying fish in the North Atlantic.

In recent years, he has been fortunate enough to travel extensively, and has spent time in some remote and spectacular places such as the Namibian desert, the Galápagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest and the Norwegian Fjords.

Whether in Antarctica or the Arctic, each time John travels with Aurora he says he always experiences something new and exciting, and he always eagerly anticipates each and every voyage.

John's Destinations