Dr Suzanne Knapp

Expedition Team Medical Specialist

Having been raised on a farm in rural costal New Zealand, Suzanne developed a love for nature, hills and the sea which has influenced her medical career choices. After completing her GP training in the Highlands of Scotland, she lived and worked in Nepal. The first two years spent on a community project in East Nepal followed by three months at Manang with the Himilayan Rescue Association.

Back to New Zealand, Suzanne spent the next 25 years owning and running a rural practice in Akaroa whilst bringing up two children with her husband.

Over this time in Akaroa, she completed postgraduate training in Travel and Wilderness Medicine and her lust for adventure was able to be fulfilled with time off to work in a number of countries including Vanuatu, Sahkhalin Island and rural Australia as well as being an expedition doctor travelling to East Antarctica and the Subantarctic Islands, the Antarctic Peninsula and the Arctic.

She plans to continue doing locum work in Australia, working with the indigenous population in between other adventures around the globe.