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Dr Laura Williams

Dr Laura Williams
Naturalist & Ecologist

Laura grew up on Kangaroo Island, a remote island off the southern coast of Australia, well known for its wildlife and pristine beaches. This sparked Laura’s love for the natural environment and remote places and she went on to study science at the University of Adelaide. Enthralled by stories of the subantarctic Macquarie Island, Laura decided she would do anything to visit this enchanting place and enrolled in a PhD in subantarctic invasive species Ecology and Management.

Laura spent four summer seasons on Macquarie Island studying the native and exotic plants where she fell head over heals for the subantarctic. Laura has spent the past few years working on boats in Tasmania and exploring the back country of New Zealand. Even now, when working as an ecologist in Canberra, Australia, she still finds time each summer to travel to her favourite part of the world and share its wonders with those lucky enough to also explore the Antarctic.

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