Daniel Stavert

Kayaking Guide

Daniel is a qualified sea kayak guide from the Blue Mountains, Australia. He is drawn to the beauty of wild places; the extremes of cold and light, and the abundance of life that can be found there.

A curiosity for engaging in landscapes both physical and human lead him from growing up in Sydney, to a degree in history and geography and a varied career guiding people through the wilderness. For the last 10 years, he has taught and guided by kayak, climbing and trekking, in remote Tasmania, the islands of Scotland, the coast of mainland Australia and Antarctica. Additionally, Daniel enjoys teaching and training. Both in training kayak guides, and instructing risk management and safety practice for operating in cold climates.

Daniel is a keen climber and kayaker, who brings a love sharing human story, remote coastline, and wild creatures to his work and to deepening the experience of others.

Daniel's Expeditions

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    Expedition - Jewels of the Arctic

    Jewels of the Arctic

    13/14/15 DAYS from AU$12,000 per person

    Halfway between Spitsbergen and Iceland, East Greenland’s coastline invites you to explore its breathtaking environment made of the world’s largest icebergs, welcoming Inuit communities and diverse fauna and flora.

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  • Save up to 15%*

    Expedition - Arctic Complete - Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland

    Arctic Complete - Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland

    23/25 DAYS from AU$14,670 per person

    Combine two exciting Arctic itineraries into one 25-day adventure! From the wildlife oasis of Spitsbergen to Greenland’s iceberg fantasia, make your Arctic expedition complete (and save!).

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